Me And The Night Sky

I’m talking to the moon….. trynna gettin you….. in hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too…. or am i a fool who sits alone talking to the moon???

These are the beautiful lines from my favourite singer Bruno Mars’s song “talking to the moon”…….
I love this song…. and the reason is that that i also love talking to the moon….. yeah…. i really feel like “yes there’s someone who’s listening everything that I’m saying to the moon”…. may be that someone is “chandra dev” [ :p just kidding… ;)] …. But really it feels good, when m alone in terrace or on a ground or an open place, watching towards the night sky ….. the open sky full of stars and one bright moon ( half or full, doesn’t matter) I can look at it for many hours until I fall asleep 😀 ……. sometimes it feels while watching the sky like a kind of rope pulls me towards the sky…. and it feels like I’m floating in the sky ….. in the blue night sky…… and there is nothing around me…. it’s just me and my dark night sky….. the stars are like little diamonds and the moon is like a kohinoor…. Even when i just think about the sky i get goosebumps on my skin…. it draws me to look at the sky as soon as possible….. As in winter the warm sun rays give a holy feeling…. the night sky gives me a special kind of feeling….. i cant express that feeling….. i really cant find any similar feelings ….. The moon, sometimes, acts like my best friend….. i tell it the things i cant say to anyone else….. and i feel like the moon is replying me back saying that “things happen dear, do not worry, everything will be okay”…… i know it’s weird but moon has helped me for many times solving many of my problems….. for example if I think about writing something in the blog and don’t get words then i just go outside my room or nearer a window…. look at the night sky and it helps me stuffing thoughts in mind…. and I love it…. Sometimes when i feel lonely and blue, the night sky shows me that it is also blue and tells me “see ‘viraj’ you’re with me and I’m with you, we’re not alone…….”
So in the end of this post i will just say few words to my lovely blue dark night sky…… “thank you for being with me every night 🙂 I love you my dear night sky….. ♥”

5 thoughts on “Me And The Night Sky

  1. પિંગબેક: રાત એક, ગીત અનેક…♪ ♫ | Undefined હું

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